Maria McCullough


One -2 - One Training Centers
Houston, Texas USA  2003- present

Personal trainer
Nutritional Counseling

Mind & Body Personal Trainer
Buenos Aires, Capital Federal  1999 � 2002

(technical exclusive)
Mixed particular pupils

Mind Personal Trainer
Buenos Aires, Capital Federal  1987 -2001

Instructor of mental gymnastics and Psycho and Physical Distension; both sexes

Personal  Trainer
Buenos Aires, Capital Federal - 1994 -  2001

Instructor of Gymnastics with Apparatuses, outdoor C/S circuits, weights, floor C/S tapes,  step aerobics, both sexes (training  females at home with  shaper circuits, tapes, weights,  etc.)

Gong 'gy Gym
Buenos Aires, Capital  1991 - 1996

Director of Gymnasium
Instructor of Gymnastics with Apparatuses, Complement with weights and Bodybuilding Both Sexes

Lavalle Fitness
Buenos Aires, Capital Federal  1989 - 1991

Instructor of Gymnastics with Apparatuses, Complement and Female Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding background


2nd place Open / Masters
NPC Texas State  Bodybuilding Championships - 2005

1st place

Argentina Bodybuilding Championships - 1990

1st place
 Metropolitan Championships

1st place
"Cup of Gold" Tournament

1st place 
Río de la Plata Championships

1st place
Couples category "Apolo" Tournament

2nd place
Apolo Tournament

2nd place
The Communications Strength Club

2nd place
Couples category Argentine Championships

Guest Poser
Exhibition - Metropolitan Championships

Guest Poser
Exhibition - Club C.A.F.A.

Guest Poser
Exhibition -  Locality of the Flowers

Couples Exhibition
with bodybuilder Ernesto Piñeyro (Exhibition) Jokey Club, Rosario

Selected Team Representative 
Argentinean "Campionships Ibero - South America"

Distinguished Athlete
"1st International Convention  of  Fitness and Bodybuilding" hand of the Sra.
Cory Everson. Miss Universe of Bodybuiling ( C.E.N.A.R.D.)

Profissional affiliations

National Physique Committee (N.P.C.)

Federación Metropolitana de Fisicoculturismo (A.M.A.F.)  Federated Bodybuilder

Federación Argentina de Fisicoculturismo (A. F. C. A. ) Federated Bodybuilder

International Federation of Bodybuilding (I. F. B. B. )  Federated Bodybuilder

Asociación Adelante (A. A.) Meditation techniques and autogenous relaxation

Centro para el Desarrollo del Potencial Humano "Contranálisis� (Techniques to rising self esteem, and self knowledge)

National Academy of Sports Medicine  (N.A.S.M.) Personal training certification

Aerobics and Fitness Association of America  (A.F.A.A.) Personal trainer certification

The American Red Cross 
CPR / First Aid certification

Mind & Body Personal Training