Maria McCullough

Because singularly you can define the difference between a total life and the sequels of premature the physical aging that involves the discharge performance executive


Technical Information

Personal Training System

Mind Training

Techniques anti-age and anti-distress specially designed for professionals and executives submissive the rigor of the present exigency

Body Training

Technique of training outdoors designed for executives and professionals.                                              mara

Joint Techniques

Physical Training and mental clearing (Mind&Body)

How the system works

Body Personal Training

System: Agreed work to the necessities and individual state, with or without overload, modelador, vigorizante, moderate cardiovascular stimulus, includes techniques of Tai Chi to make level the intellectual activity.

It promotes: Excellent physical state in short time, reduction or increase of corporal mass, ample aesthetic benefits, improvement of the quality of life.

It avoids: Premature aging, circulatory and cardiovascular affections, overweight, mental fatigue, hypertension, etc.

Location: To combine

Schedules: To combine Duration: 1 hour, approx.

Mind Personal Training

Physical relaxation, Creative Visualization, Meditation, Mental Gymnastics, etc.

It promotes: One better neuronal synapse, a rested mind, increase of the intellectual and creative
capacity, halting of the processes of tie mental aging to distress, general well-being.

It avoids: Premature aging, tie diseases to distress (Hypertension, loss of the memory,  cardiovascular disease, impotence, etc.) decrease of the cerebral potential by exhaustion, etc.

Location: To combine            

Schedules: To combine

Duration: 1 to 2 hs, agreed one to the personal times.

Client Testimonials


If you are looking for a great workout and results Maria is the MASTER of her profession.  Maria is not for the weak minded.  If you give 100% plus Maria will give you more that's the kind of trainer and person she is.  She is a great encourager and gives you lots of advice on nutrition and health.   She has done more for me than any other trainer I have had.  Maria pushes me to the limit and then some. I amaze myself that I can do the things she knows I can do.  I have been working out with Maria for over two months and already I have seen the results.  I have lost a dress size and I have lost an inch and half around my stomach.  I decided a few months ago that I needed to do something about my weight and health.  I was not in good shape and my health was not very good.  Since working out with Maria my life has changed completely.  I feel I have more energy I am a lot healthier and happier and I feel good about myself when I look in the mirror.   If you are willing to go the extra mile and work hard to get the results you crave.  Maria is the trainer you need because she goes the extra mile and more.   She is the BEST!

Miriam Thomas

Maria McCullough is The Argentinean Terminator


 Are you looking for a new personal trainer? Are you tired of being treated like a piece of meat that's just passing through? Do you want a trainer who really knows what personal means? Well, if any of this applies to you, I have the personal trainer for you. I've had several trainers over the last few years, but none like Maria McCullough. Don't get me wrong, all my trainers have been good, and all have cared about my welfare. I guess I've been lucky that way. So, what's the difference now? Maria personally designs a program for each of her clients. She's thinking all the time about how to help each one do what they need to do. I suspect she even dreams about this stuff. If you need help to strengthen a particular part of your body, she can help you. Even better, Maria can help you understand how your body works. This is great, but my mind keeps coming back to one thing, Maria gives a damn about her clients. Not just hours in the gym, or number of reps that you do in a given time, or how many clients she can bring into the gym. She really cares, and I find that refreshing and encouraging. After all, most of us don't come to the gym just for the fun of it. We come for a purpose. Maria can help you reach for your goal and achieve it.

Tom Wheat

Maria  The Argentinean Torturer

  1. Having a trainer who watches you walk on a treadmill is not a trainer. Having a trainer who works you hard but safely, hears your questions and concerns, custom designs a workout just for your body, thinks about you when you are not there and brings great ideas to help you meet your goals is more than a trainer...that is a top-notch professional, operating at top integrity, and getting great results. Thatââ¬â¢s my experience with my trainer....Maria McCullough.
  1. I am a female over 50 who never believed I could beat the lethargy, fat, and pain Iââ¬â¢d been experiencing. I am proud as a peacock of the results I am getting after only 2 months with Maria.
  1. There is no one else like Maria- the Argentinean Torturer!  I love her unique insight into the subtle things that work to shape the female body that no male trainer ever told me about. For the first time in ten years, I ran 1.7 miles with no pain, and pure joy!
  1. I never liked or trusted trainers before. Then, I discovered Maria McCullough...the Argentinean Torturer! She is phenomenal...tough, creative, compassionate, smart, and works unlike any other trainer I have ever seen or experienced. I'm hooked.
  1. Maria understands me and my unique needs, and I get results that are amazing and measurable. She holds a bigger vision for me at times when I am having trouble holding it for myself. She is part trainer, part coach, part saint, and part torturer! I get powerful results.
  1. Thirty pounds over weight, menopausal, painful joints, and feeling hopeless about ever looking sexy again. After 2 months of working out 3 days a week with Maria I ran 1.7 miles without difficulty.  And...I have rediscovered my waist!
  1. For the first time in six years, I feel more fit and strong than I thought it was possible for being over 50 years old and seriously out of shape. I have reclaimed my stamina, rebuilt my strength, and regenerated my interest in exercise...and that is just in the first 8 weeks of working with Maria.

Jill Pickett

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