Congratulation to all the lifters who competed at the USPF's South Texas Championships in Seguin, Texas.  Some of the Texas Powerlifting Scene regulars who competed  this weekend  were Sheldon Weingust who set an American master's record with his 402 pound bench in the 165's.  Ed Wilkinson set a submaster's record with his 529 pound bench in the 220's.  Successfully completing his 1st meet ever, Randy Pike finished in 2nd place with a 480 squat, 320 bench, 512 deadlift and a 1312 total.

Meet results are in for the APA Houston Open (2-2-02), the APA Teenage Nationals/Tri State (3-2-02), the APA Navasota Open (5-5-02), the NASA West Texas State (5-18-02), the USAPL Military Nationals (3-10-02), and the USAPL Collegiate Nationals (4-13-02).  Check them all out!


The Texas High School Powerlifting Associaiton had their 2002 State Powerlifting Championships March 16 in Ft Worth's Daniel-Meyer Coliseum March 23rd.  If you are interested in viewing the results of the meet click on the link for Division I or Division II .  Over 190 Texas area high schools took place in this meet with North Crowley taking 1st in Division I, China Springs High School taking 1st in Division II.  Outstanding Division II lightweight lifter at 119 lbs. was Mark Lloyd of pittsburgh High School with a total of 1115 pounds.  Richuel Massey of Hillsboro High School won best heavyweight lifter Division II at  202 lbs. with his total of 1700 pounds.  In the Division I lightweights, best lifter was Jeremy Scruggs of North Crowley with a total of  1105 at 114 pounds of body weight.  In the heavyweights, Kenneth Hunt of P.A. Thomas Jefferson,  got best lifter with his total of  1900 pounds in the 275's.


Lots of great lifting last weekend at the 2002 USPF Texas State Championships!  At 289 pounds, Houstonian Tiny Meeker officially entered the 700 pound club with his bench press of  705 on his 3rd attempt.  Tiny came back and took a 4th attempt barely missing 732.  If you are interested in seeing the rest of the results from this meet, Gary Pender grass has provided the results to us.   Click here !

Thanks to Peggy McCormick and Steve Hewer, I have some great pictures up of the 2002 USPF Barbie Classic and the APA 2002 Teenage Nationals and Tristate meets.  Check out The Texas Powerlifting Scene's Meet Photos section on page 6, 7, and 8.

On March 9th in Longview, Texas NASA held their 2002 Texas State Championships .  They had a good turn out and lots of great lifting took place.  If you woudl like to take a look at the results, click on the link.


Congratulations to all the fine Texas lifters who competed Saturday in high school powerlifting meets in held in Bowie, Collinsville, Detroit, Hallsville, Harden, Keller and Nacogdoches.  So far we have the results for the Nacogdoches meet directed by coach Joey Wilson of Nacogdoches High School.  Attending the Nacogdoches meet were 10 teams from Nacogdoches High School, Athens, Madisonville, Henderson, White Oak, Timpson, Lufkin, Arp, Woodville, and Huntington,.  In all 126 boys competed for both individual and team points.  

The top three outstanding lifters in the Unified (5A-A) division were 198'er Joe Walker from Athens High School with a 1500 b total, 148'er Kioski Colston from Nacogdoches High School, with a 1165 lb total, and 148'er Adam Hill from Madisonville High School with a 1145 lb total.  

In Divisions I (5A, 4A), Nacogdoches took 1st thru 6th place.  Kioski Colston placed 1st, 148'er Jatarus Mosby 2nd with his 1065 lb total, 132'er Jacob Davis 3rd with a 965 total, 165'er Corey Richardson 4th with his 1135 lb total, 128'er Kyle Stoner 5th with his 820 lb total, and finally 165'er Gayler Murphy 6th with his total of 1000 lbs.

In division II (3A, 2A, A), Huntington ran away with 1st thru 5th place.  Andy Beats, 148'er, took 1st place with his 780 lb total, 114'er Chris Pinner 2nd with a 520 lbs total, 165'er Fez Martinez placed 3rd  with a 815 total,  148'er Slim Ross was 4th with a 696 lb total, and 165'er Paul Hart placed 5th with his 665 lb total.

In the team standings Nacogdoches ran away with the unified 5A-A title by accumulating 63 points.  Coming in 2nd place was Athens with 28 point,  3rd was Madisonville with 28 points, 4th was Lufkin with 20 points and 5th was White Oak with 14 points.  Nacogdoches also took 1st in team points in  Division 1 (5A, 4A)  with 67 points.  Madisonville took 1st in Division II (3A, 2A, A) with a total of 48 points.


Three other meets took place today in the state of Texas.  The APA Houston Open in Houston, Tx, The  USAPL Southwest Texas University Invitational, in San Marcos, Tx , and the WABDL Texas State Bench Press & Deadlift Championships , in Houston, Tx.  Congratulation to all the lifters who train so hard for all of these contests.  

Already we have the results back from the APA Houston Open.  This meet had a variety of ages ranging from about 13 years old to the late 60's.  In all 13 state records were set and 3 world records.  Masters Lifter Paul Boutte set several  WPC masters world records and ended up his day with a world record total of 1310 at 165!  Boutte also went home with the Houston Open Best  Lifter award.

Up and coming teen lifter Steve Howe just missed a world record squat, but did go home with several Texas records.  Steve ended his day  with a Texas record total of 1360.  Not bad for this 17 year old who just started powerlifting a year ago.  Look form more big lifts from this youngster in the near future.

Judging the meet were Brian Kline, Dan DuMoit, and Jim Royce.  Also in attendance were TJ Horner and Warren Moore.

APA Texas Records

Teen 13-15

Justin Kees - 210 squat
Master 65-69
John McVeigh - 255 squat;
175 - bench; 315 - deadlift; 745 - total

Teen 16-17
Steve Hower - 500 squat;
345 - bench;
515 - deadlift; 1360 - total
Teen 13-15
Buddy Rhodes
squat - 170

WPC World Records

Master 50-59
Paul Boutte - 525 squat; 505 deadlift; 1310 total


New Caney High School has started a powerlifting program this year and have already competed in several meets. They will be lifitng at Channelview on Feb 9th, and at Willis on Feb 22nd. New Caney High has about 50-60 kids getting involved right now, and hopefully wthey will have even more as their season goes along. New Caney had five lifters place at the Waller Meet on Jan 31st. This was their very first first offical meet and the team is very proud of our guys. Below is a list of the New Caney High School finishers with weight class and totals.

Steven Segrest - 5th Place - 148 Class - 835 Total
Eric Ellenberger - 5th Place - 198 Class - 1070 Total
Chris Ponce - 3rd Place - 220 Class - 1210 Total
Josh Crabb - 5th Place - 242 Class - 1140 Total
David Needham - 5th Place - 275 Class - 1200 Total

Good luck to this fine team of young lifters!  I know we will be seeing some big things form them in the future.  I would like to give a special thanks to coach Robert Dolgener  of New Caney High School for both keeping me informed and for taking on the responsibility of coaching these kids in such a great sport.  Without special people like coach Robert Dolgener, this sport woudl not be near as popular as it is and many kids would probably slip throught the cracks in the educational process.


Well the year has already started off with a bang.  Several powerlifting meets have already taken place.  First off , congratulations to all the lifters who competed in the NASA East Texas Open in Longview, Texas on Saturday the 12th of January.  There were lots of good lifters attending this meet.  Especially noted was the lifting done by submasters lifter Micki Scheffler.  Micki  ended the day in the womens 148's  with a huge total of 1032 pounds.  Mikki had a 413 lb squat, a  215 lb bench and a 405 lb squat.  Nice job Micki!

Next on the 19 of January, in Houston, Texas, the APA Patriot Middle School Championships took place.  over 70 boys and girls lifted in the meet.  Stovall Middle School took the team trophy, but both teams took their fair share of medals.  In all, there were several  Texas records smashed.  Referees showed up to judge this meet from the APA, APF, and NASA.  All the lifters showed up in equipment donated to the schools by Inzer Advance Designs.  The house was packed to see some of the best and most exciting lifting in the world.  You never know when you are going to see the next Ed Coan of the next Garry Frank.

APA Texas Records

Justin Keys - 114's
squat - 205
bench - 140
deadlift - 270
total - 615
Jerrica Samaniego - 114's
squat - 125
bench - 75
deadlift - 165
total - 365
Shawn Pittman - 123's
bench - 135
deadlift 305
total - 585
 Evelan McAdam - 148's   
squat - 65   
bench - 70   
deadlift - 170   
total - 305
Santos Coxaj - 132's
 bench - 150
Crystal Davis - 165's
squat - 105
bench - 75
deadlift -235   
total - 415
Kendrick Williams - 165's
deadlift - 360
Alex Davoy - 181's
squat - 65
bench - 90   
deadlift - 135
total - 290
Marcus Romero - 198's     
deadlift - 305
total - 650

Eric Gambrell - 308's
squat - 65
bench - 95
deadlift - 175   
total - 335

Buddy Rhodes - SHW's
squat - 150
deadlift - 290
total - 545

Terrance Gainous - SHW's   
bench - 180

WPA World Records

Jerrica Samaniego - 114's
squat - 125
total - 365


The first ever Texas middle school powerlifting meet was held Saturday the 9th in Houston, Texas at Revere Middle School.  Participating in the meet were about 70 kids from the ages of 12 to 14 from Revere Middle School in HISD and Stoval Middle School in Aldine ISD.  Stoval took the team trophy, but both team went home with quite a few Texas records in all weight divisions.  Congratulations to both school for a great turn out.  The next meet will be January 19th.


Good luck to everyone who went to the USPF Texas Cup in Austin, Texas.  Also congratualtions to all the lifters who entered the 24 Hour Fitness Special Olympics Powerlifting Meet, in Houston, Texas.   Showing up to help with the meet were Jennifer Rey, Wade Hooper, Shannon McDougald, Iaasic Chapa and the guys /gals from the S.W. Texas powerlifting team, Tony Cardella, and Tom McCullough.


Today one of the administrators from NASA ask WHY I don't include NASA lifters and records in the Combined Texas Records on the Texas Powerlifting Scene. Very good question......why don't I? Well as the administrators of NASA should be very well aware that NASA has some very unconventional weight divisions. Their 242's are called 250's, 275's called 280's. In my mind it is very hard to compare a records set by a 275 with that of one set by a 280 etc. You are giving the person in the 275 a 5 pound weight advantage. Nothing against NASA or the lifters in NASA, but to be fair to all I will not include NASA's records in this intil such time they find a way to compare 275's to 280's. I'm lost for a way since math was not my major.

On that subject, if you have a record that is not on the Combined Records, please let me know. The web sites who list records are not really accomidating when it comes to providing this information and many of them update records every infrequently. In other words..."IT AIN'T MY FAULT."

Congratulations to all the lifters who lifted in the NASA Texas Regional Championships which were held in Longview, Texas
on October 20, 2001. The results can be viewed by clicking on the link above.


Jennifer Rey, Operations Manager of 24 Hour Fitness, [email protected] Ashford, in Houston, Texas would like to announce that24 Hour Fitness will be hosting the 2001 Special Olymics Powerlifting meet on November 2. If you are interest in helping with this meet drop by and let them know.

Also coming to Houston, Texas in 2002 will be the APA Teenage Nationals. It will be held at the Revere Middle School gym on Saturday, March 2, 2002. Check out "Upcoming Meets" section for more details.


The Texas lifters who participated at the IPF Junior Worlds did very well. Katie Ford (181) put up a personal record squat , bench, and total finishing 6th. SHW Mary Holt finished 3rd in her first ever Worlds. Holt still has a lot of years left as a junior to bring home medals. Clay Grubbs placed 10th in the 148's, PJ Chovanec 3rd n the 220's and Henry Thomason placed 6th in the 275's. Randall Harris was awarded outstanding American lifter with a 2055 total in the SHW's. Harris als took 2nd place and put up a 540 bench and an American record 738 deadlift. Thanks to the House of Pain Ironwear for this great news.


The USPF Gulf Coast Powerlifting meet finally went off without a hitch. It was originally scheduled for July 28 in Orange, Texas and got moved to August 4, in Vidor, Texas. What a meet is was! There were over 50 lifters of all ages packed into the Vidor VFW Hall for a day of powerlifting Vidor won't soon forget. Not only was the lifting superb, but the judging was right up there with the best. This was the first meet I have ever been to where the number of female lifters must have equaled the number of male lifter. Lots of state records set by both groups.

Was there any good food?..... there was also plenty of good food! If you didn't get your hands on some of that good smoked boudin sausage and BBQ you really missed out on the total experience.

Congratulations again to all the fine lifters, judges and those who worked so hard to put on the meet. Any time Garry Pendergrass puts on a meet you can bet it is going to be nothing short of the best!


Congratulations to all the Texans who competed in the WABDL Nationals this past week end in Birmingham, Alabama.
This was a two day meet with over 200 lifters. Lots of good lifting took place and the meet actually drew the attention of the local ABC and Fox TV news. The following Texas lifters competed in the bench press and/or deadlift division:

Sheldon Weingust - San Antonio, Tx - master 40-46 - 165's
Sean Finegan - Dallas, Tx - master 47-53 - 220's
Jim Snodgrass - Dallas, Tx - master 54-60 - 242's
Ken Anderson - Dallas, Tx - master 61-67 - 242's
Tom McCullough - Houston, Tx - master 40-46 - 308's

Sheldon moved up a weight class leaving the 148 to join the 165's. The increase in body weight did him right with a 397.6 pound bench. Ken Anderson also had a great day setting some masters world records in the bench press. McCullough won his division with only his opener.


Bill Holland has announced that the World Thick Bar Championships scheduled for June 24, 2001 in Hurst, Texas has been cancelled due to lack of participation. "At the moment" Holland says, "I am not inclined to reschedule but may do so for a winter month if the interest picks up. The one person that sent in your entry you will receive your entry fees in the mail soon."


This week end a few of our Texas lifters will be traveling out of the great state of Texas to lift in some big meets. Jim Veronin of El Paso, Texas will be traveling to the Huge Iron Gym in Daytona, Florida to lift in the APF Senior Nationals. Tim Bruner of Austin, Texas and Anthony Clark of Houston, Texas will both be headed off to the Mountaineer Cup III, being held at the Mountaineer Race Track and Gaming Resort, in West Virginia. Expect some big new from these guys when they return. The Texas Powerlifting Scene wishes all of you good luck in your lifting.

Also being held up in Hurst, Texas this weekend is the NASS Thick Bar Worlds. Bill Holland will be the meet director.

Finally, the results of the NASA Texas Classic Championships that were held June 16th, in Longview, Texas are posted. If you are interested in seeing the results click on the link above.


I just added a new section to the Texas Powerlifting Scene today. Each month I will feature a research article that has to do with issues concerning powerlifting.

This section will be called " THE RESEARCH ARTICLE OF THE MONTH " Since a few of us are using one of the low carb diets, I though I would start this feature off with a informative article from the NSCA's Strength and Conditioning Journal called Round Table Discussion: Low Carbohydrate Diets and Anaerobic Athletes.

I hope you enjoy it and if there are any suggestions you have for a feature article drop me a not and I will try to find it.


The Texas Powerlifting Scene put together a set of Combined Texas Records over the last few days. Since we have about 12 federations currently putting on meets in Texas, you might like to know where you stand regardless of which federation you compete in. Take a look and see!

While both the mens and womens records in all age and weight divisions are already posted, they are by no means completed. I am still waiting on the APF and USAPL to make their Texas records available. Thanks to the APA, THSPA, THSWPA, USPF, and WABDL for making their records available to us. If you see any mistakes, please email us and let us know about it.

Meet results are up! If you would like to see the results of the 2001 USAPL Masters' National Powerlifting Championships held May 5-6, 2001, in Ft. Hood, Texas click on the link above. Looks like this was a good size meet with about 105 lifter showing.

The results for the APA Texas Open Bench Press and Powerlifting Championships held May 12, in Houston, Texas are in as well. Follow the link to see the results. Folks the APA has only been in Texas for 3 years now, but they are certainly attracting more lifters and some real quality. Look for more APA meets in the future.

Last but not least the results are in for the NASA Lubbock Open , held on May 26 in Lubbock, Texas.

Coming to the Seguin Fitness Center in Seguin, Texas next Saturday, June 9 is the USPF South Texas Open. Some of my training partners will be lifting in this meet and as usual it will draw quit a few good Texas lifters. Good luck to all who are lifting and attending this meet.


Some say that the sport of powerlifting is dying. Proof.......meets keep getting smaller and smaller and there are less people in each division. It's just got to be true????? Haha......better open your eyes and look again! Congratulations to the Texas High School Powerlifting Association. This year you guys broke all records and had a whopping 542 Texas high schools join as members. This is up 49 school from the year 2000. This year the state of Texas also was the home of 12 different powerlifting federations setting another record for the number of meets put on in Texas for yet another year. Or equipment manufacturers report that their sells is up too. Heck, we even now have two powerlifting magazines. We must be doing something right. Congratulations Texas for creating such a huge interest in such a great sport.

Good luck to all those who going to compete in the NASA West Texas State, PL/BP & DL in Lubbock, Texas . The meet will be held Saturday, May 26.

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