The 2004 APA Patriot Open took place at a new location.  Thanks to Kelly Blair and 1 On 1 Elite Personal Fitness located in Pasadena, Texas we had a brand new facility and a great turnout. 

 The full powerlifting event started the meet out at 10am on Saturday morning .  Junior 148's, lifter Aaron Muntz took 1st with his Josh Ash 6951000 pound total.  In the 181's, Master lifter Rick Jolly ended the day with a 1250 total.  Lifting in the 198's, Christian Moor took home 7 Texas records with his winning total of 1498 winning the Open division.  Lifting in his first meet, Glenn Routhouska won the master's division by setting 9 Texas records.  Glenn ended his day with a 1015 pound total.  Master lifter bring Kline ended the day with a new World record of 1465 pounds as well as Best Lifter.  In the 220's, Elijah Adams took first place with his 1025 pound total.  Brian Propst had a big day taking the 242 submasters with a 1145 pound total, while masters 308 lifter Robert Gains ended his day with a huge 1725 pound total.

In the bench press only division,  teen 148'er  Beaux Leitz took home 1st with his 180 pound bench press.  Lifting for the first timeTiny Meeker 910 ever, Toby Melton ended his day with a 255 bench in the teen 165 lb. division.  Jeff Johnson lifting in the 181's  blew up a 290 bench and teen lifter Nick Lyons, lifting in his 1st meet ever, took home a win with his 300 pound bench in the 198's.  Lifting in the submaster 220's , Raul Perez had a great day with a 400 pound bench, while 272'er Chester Maylone took home a win with his 385 bench.  Master lifter Patrick McElroy, also lifting in the 275's had a fine day with his 385 bench taking home a Texas record.  In the 308's Tiny Meeker and Bobby Leitz put on quite a show when Tiny opened with a huge 820 and Bobby 800 pounds.  Tiny easily got his opening attempt giving him a new submasters World record, while Bobby just couldn't get the weight to touch the chest. Tiny ended up giving 910, and 935 a try but just couldn't lock either, while Bobby went 830 and 845 unsuccessfully.  Great efforts from Christian Mooreboth of these great athletes.

 In the deadlift only division 198 Matt Wray took home a win with a 425 deadlift and 220 pound Josh Ash got an easy 645 with his opener and just missing 695 on his 2nd attempt.

In the women's full power division submaster Saba Wilson ( 132's) took home a win and 2 Texas records and 2 AMerican records.  Saba had a 255 squat, a 150 bench, a 295 deadlift and a 700 pound total.


A BIG congratulastions to Ed Wilkinson, Trey Jewett, Johnny Campbell, and Jason Laskowski who all competed this past weekend at the WABDL Bench press championships in Reno, Nevada.  Ed did a 606 lb. bench in the Masters 40-46 group in the 242 lb class (age 40).  Ed set a new state record and took 2nd in his class.  Trey did a 486 lb. bench in the Teen 18-19 group in the 198 lb. class (age 18).  Trey set a new World and state record, took 1st in his class and overall Best Teen bencher of the meet.  Johnny did a 479 lb. bench in the Masters 40-46 group in the 220 lb class (age 42).  Johnny did a personal best and took 2nd in his class. Jason did a 578 lb. bench in the Submasters group in the 259 lb class (age 38).  Jason set a state record and 2nd overalll in his class.  Sheldon did a 446 lb. bench in the Masters 47-53 group in the 165 lb class (age 49).  Sheldon set a state record in both the open and masters, and was overall Best Master Lightweight bencher of the meet.  <>Ed, Trey and Sheldon's records eclipse the old records on the combined Texas records.


More meet results.......The USPF Texas Cup held in Round Rock , Texas on  November 13 are in, check them out.

Great news!  Thanks to Houston's Kelly Blair, the APA Texas has a new venue.  All future Houston meets will be held in Kelly's 1 On 1 Elite Personal Fitness located in Pasadena, Texas at 6005 Fairmont Pkwy # D.  This is a private personal training gym and is loaded with state of the art equipment.  Check out Kelly's gym by clicking on the link above.


Congratulations to all the lifter who competed in the 2004 APA Lone Star Open.  A lot of  great talent showed up from a wide range of ages.  There were lifters from the age of 13 to 73 all competing to be the best in their division.  From Galveston, Texas, 73 year old grandmother Nora Revilla pulled a world record deadlift of 210 pounds.  Lifting with her that day was her son, Tony Galvez and the rest of  Team Galvez members including Ernest Williams, Ricky Durant and Steven Childs and Nick Garza.  Hitting a all time PR and setting a masters world record was Brian Kline with his over double body weight 400 pound bench press.  Taking home the award of best lifter was 61 year old masters lifter Kit Price with his 1335 total in the 198's.


Meet results are in!  The  NASA East Texas Open held on September 25, 2004 in Longview, Texas and  the APF Southeast Challenge held in Vidor, Texas on August 7, 2004.  Check them both out!


The 2004 Houston Open got started early Saturday morning the 18th of September in the weight room of Revere Middle School in Houston, Texas.  The judges were head judge Josh Ash, side judges Ann Harris and Brian Kline.  Spotters and loaders were James Evans and Adam Bell.  The score keeper was Maria McCullough and Tom McCullough.

Starting in the men's full power event in the 198's Elija Adams placed 1st with his total of 960 and a squat of 430, bench of 245 and deadlift at 375.  Donny Adams took 1st in the men's 220 with his 1230 total, 450 squat, 320 bench, and 460 deadlift.  Donny also took best lifter of the meet.  Matt Wrey, also in the 220's got 2nd place with his 1095 total.  In the SHW's, Joe Lopez placed 1st and had a good day despite his injury on his 3rd attempt of the squats at 675.  Suffering from a strained knee, Lopez finished the meet getting a PR in the bench at 385 and just missed a 550 deadlift. Tiny Meeker 900 lbs

In the bench press only division, 200 Chad Matthews took 1st with his 3 Texas record lifts.  Chad ended his day with a 550 bench press.  Don Moser took 2nd with his opener of 485 after missing 505 twice.  Raymond Plunkett, lifting the in the 242's hit an easy 500 and 525, but just missed a 550 on his 3rd.  Bodybuilder turned powerlifter Eric Wright looked strong on all three of his attempts of 605,  but just couldn't lock it out.  Also in the 242's, Chester Maylone took 1st in the submasters and 3rd in the open  with his 365.  In the 308's Tiny meeker took 880 and 900 for a ride but just could not get it to touch his chest.  He passed on his 3rd saving some for the WPO Bench For Cash meet the next weekend.  Tiny's training partner Bobby Leitz  went 740, 775, and 800 but just could not get any of them locked out.  Mark Harris also in the 308's went 485 twice and 505 for a 3rd but just could not get any of the weights to his chest..

Karen Siemssen 310 lbs.In the deadlift only division Chad Matthews pulled an easy 630, just missing a record at 687.5.  Don Moser also in the 220's ended his day with a 560 pull.  In the SHW's, Joe Lopez ended with his opener of 500 because of the knee injury he received in the squat.

 In the women's division another bodybuilder turned powerlifter, lifting for the first time walked out with 6 Texas records.  Karen Siemssen (165's) got 2 Texas records with her 275 and 310 squat and just missed 340.  In the bench press Siemssen got a Texas record with her 2nd attempt of 165, just missing 185 on the 3rd.  In the deadlift, Karen went 275, 415 and just missed 340 for 2 more Texas records.  Her total of 790 was more than enough for another new Texas record.


Got some results form some recent meets.   The USPF Bench Press and Deadlift Nationals held in Round Rock, Texas and the USAPL Bench Press Nationals held last weekend in Killeen, Texas.   Lots of good lifting there so go check out the results by clicking on the links.


The 3rd Annual APA Houston Record Breakers got off to a start on a hot, humid morning on Saturday, July 24th in Houston, Texas.   Meet directors were Tom and Maria McCullough, head judge Mark Harris, and side judges Josh Ash and Ann Harris.  Spotters were Mike Pawlik, Brian Nugier, and Chris Tucker. 

The meet got started with the 148's youth division and 11 year od Jesse Burttschell.  Jesse opened up on the squat with a 205 for a Texas record and came right back with a 225 for a World record.  One his third attempt Jessie just missed 245.  In the bench press Jesse was 3 for 3 going 140 on his third for a World record.  In the deadlift Jesse hit 225 on his 2nd attempt putting him at a 590 total for a new world record.  There was a three way battle in the 181's between 15 year old Joe Ricky DurantSassie, junior lifter James Evans, ahd 25 year old Ricky Durant. Ricky missed 535 on his 3rd attempt leaving him with a 505 squat, Joe just missed a 500 squat leaving him with a 450 for a teen world record, and James just missed a 3rd attempt at 600 leaving him with a junior world record of 565 on his 2nd attempt.  In the bench press Joe ended up with a Texas record at 260, while James got 330 and Ricky nailed a 345 on his 3rd attempt.  On the deadlift, Joe ended his day with a easy 335 leaving him with a 1045 total for a new teen world record.  James and Ricky ended up with twin 1380 totals with pulls of 505 by James and 500 by Ricky.  James total of 1380 was more than enough for a new junior world record.  Ricky's 1380 total was enough to give him a slight advantage thus winning him the title of Best Lifter.  Donny Adams (25) won the 198's with a 445 squat, 290 bench, 440 deadlift and 1175 total. Master lifter Robert Mitchell (48) won the 220's with a 405 squat, 275 bench, 275 deadlift and a 1055 total.  Master lifter Gene Wagenseller (45) had a big day taking the 242's with a 450 squat, a Texas record in the bench of 410, a 420 deadlift, and a 1280 total.

In the bench press only division 148'er Adam Watson (18) went 195, 205 and just missed 230.  Lifting in his first meet ever, spotter Mike Pawlik took a break from his duties and opened up with a 230 missing it.  Once Mike settled down he came right back to easily nail 230.  On his 3rd attempt Pawlik missed 235.  Welcome toDamon Prudhomme the sport Mike!  In the 220's submaster lifter Chester Maylone got 285 on his 1st, 305 on his 2nd and just missed 325.  Master lifter Steve Rosenberg (52) nailed 350 on his 1st attempt, but came back to miss 360 and 365 on his 2nd and 3rd.  Master lifter Marc LeBlanc (41) had a great day setting 4 Texas records.  LeBlanc blew up 345 on his 1st attempt, 355 on his 2nd, 375 on his 3rd and came right back to nail 400 on a 4th attempt.  The big man from Louisiana Damon Prudhomme, with a big 530 and was just not able to get the weight to the chest.  On his 2nd attempt of 550, once again the weight would just not touch.  Damon came back on his 3rd attempt and took 565 and once again he still had problems touching the weight to the chest.  Look for some big numbers coming form this new lifter in the future.

Brian KlineLifting in the deadlift only division we had Cody Burttschell and Brian Kline.  Cody, only 9 years old, lifted in the teen 11-12 division.  This was the first time Cody had ever been in a meet and he easily got a your Texas record with his 2nd attempt of 150 pounds.  Not bad since Cody only weighed in at 98 pounds.  Master lifter Brian Kline (53) opened with an easy 450 coming right back on the 2nd attempt with 500.  On his 3rd Brian needed to break 550 to take a new world record so Brian went 552 and easily pulled it the top taking the record.


The results of the NASA 4th of July Spectacular, held in Alvin, Texas are  here.


The 2004 APA Space City Extravaganza got started at 2 pm in Houston, Texas.  Despite this meet being quickly put together on a very short notice, lifters and spectators came out to set records.

The meet started off with 11 year old Jessie Burttschell lifting in the 148's opening with 100 pounds.  On his 2nd and 3rd attempts he went 115 and 125 all for WPA World Youth Records.  Jessie came back for a 4th attempt at 135 and just missed it.  Not bad for this young lifter's 2nd meet ever.  Also lifting in the 148's for hisBeaux Leitz - 150 very first meet was 14 year old Beaux Leitz.  Beaux went 135, 150, and just missed his 3rd attempt of 170 pounds.

In the 165 teens, 17 year old Andrew Kerai  nailed 225 on his opener, but missed 250 on his 2nd attempt only to come back to blast 250 up on his 3rd attempt.  Andrew came back to take a 4th attempt at 265 for a Texas record but just missed locking it out.

Joseph Sassie (15) lifted in the teen division opening his day with a 225 bench.  On his next two attempts he went an easy 245 and 270.  Going for a Texas record Joseph came back and took a 4th attempt at 285 but it just wasn't his day.  Junior lifter James Evans started off very strong with his 300 pound opener.  Coming back on his 2nd attempt to nail 320.  On his 3rd attempt James took 330, but about half way up his wrist rolled and the bar quickly fell to his chest.  Despite having all this weight hit his chest James only suffered a bruised rib.  He will be back in July to give 330 a try again.

Fourteen year old Ricky Steinecke lifting in the 198's started his day off with a 225.  He took 250 on his 2nd attempt missing it.  On his 3rd attempt he gave 275 try  but missed it as well.  In the masters division, Brian Kline (53) started his day off with a huge 425, but even that amount of weight was not enough to get the bar to the chest.  On his 2nd and 3rd attempt Brian took 450 pounds but it was still just not enough to get to the chest.  Once Kline gets enough weight on the bar I can easily see 500 going for a quick ride.

In the 220's, Josh Ash opened up with a very easy 400 pounds.  Coming right back on his 2nd attempt, Josh nailed 415,  On his 3rd attempt Ash took 425 and just missed locking it out.

Gene Wagenseller (45) had a great day in the masters 242's opening with an easy 325.  Wagenseller came back to nail a 375 on his 2nd attempt and then a huge 405 on his 3rd for a masters Texas record.  On a 4th attempt Gene just missed  425 pounds.

Meet director and promoter Tom McCullough (47), decided to step up to the platform and see what his new shirt could handle.  McCullough opened up with 455, but obviously this weight was far to light and never got close to the chest.  On the 2nd attempt Tom went 475 with the same result.  The weight dropped about 5 inches off the chest, stopped and then popped up like nothing.  On his 3rd and final attempt he took 500 with the same result.  Looks like McCullough will need 550 to 600 pounds to get the bar to the chest.

Tiny Meeker 765In the 308's, the BIG SHOW, Tiny Meeker from Houston, Texas, showed up to prove a point.  He came to this meet, weighing in at 294.4 pounds, wanting to be the first man to hit 800 with a single layer shirt.  As it was the day before the meet, 765 was the mark.  As Tiny woke Saturday morning, another competitor had just upped th mark to 785.  The Tiny now had a big job ahead this day.  Tiny put on his single layer Inzer Rage X and psyched up for his opening attempt of 765. Everything was right, the hand off was perfect and the weight rocketed up like a space shuttle on the way to the moon.  On his 2nd attempt Tiny called for 800.5.  The weight was ready, the crowd on their feet yelling, but Tiny just didn't have the right groove to lock it out.  On the 3rd attempt TinyTiny Meeker - 800.5 called for 800.5 once more.  This time the he took the hand off a little too far down his chest and the bar just dropped to the stomach and and to be pulled off.  Being more determined  than ever before Tiny decided to take a 4th attempt for a record and called for 800.5 one more time.  This time everything was perfect.  The lift off went great, the huge weight slowly lowered to his chest and the head judge yelled PRESS.  Then just that quickly, Tiny shoved the bar to a strong lockout.  The crowd was crazy as they saw the white lights and Meeker suddenly realized he had gotten his goal.  After all of his hard work, Tiny Meeker will go down in the history books as the first man to hit 800+ in a single layer bench shirt.  Tiny also knew that he had joined an very small elite group of men in the 800 pound club, and now would set out to hit NINE!


Got the resutls of some past meets............the NASA West Texas State, which took place in Lubbock, Texas on May 15th;  the  NASA East Texas State, which took place in Longview, Texas on May 29th; and the USPF National Bench Press and Deadlift Championships, held in McAllen, Texas on May 22nd.

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