Starting this year, the Texas powerlifting Scene has officially changed it's name to Texas Power Scene.  We will still be including the exciting sport of powerlifting but we will also be adding bodybuilding, strongman,  fitness, and figure competitions in the State of Texas.  We are also excited to announce the addition of two sponsors to our web page,  USALabs, and NutritaPlanet.   IMHO USPLabs has the best supplements in the business.  NutriPlanet is also the leader in the supplement industry.  They have a complete selection of supplements from a wide range of companies.  Their service is great!  Thanks also to the continued sponsorship of Inzer Advance Designs!  As we all know, they make the best powerlifting equipment in the world and have customer service that is 2nd to no one.  We appreciate all of these great companies and the support they give to our sports.

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Tom McCullough MEd.

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