What  weekend.  Ed and Betty Pariso in conjunction with Inzer Advance designs put on the best sports extravaganza Texashas ever seen.  The REAL RAW meet went off on Friday night while the Pro bodybuilders were involved in pre-judging.  There were some great action going on and a fairly big crowd.  On Saturday, the Powerlfting Superfest took place and quite frankly drew an impressive crowd.  Some of the biggest and best in the bench press showed up going head to head in an all new format.....REPS.  The results of the MX2 division (Most weight X 2 or more repetitions) was as follows:

Light-Heavyweight (under 198)
Jason Coker - 700x3, 750x2
Jessie Kellum - 700x2, 750x0
Frank Caminita - 650x0, 650x1
Joe Ceklovsky

Heavyweight (under 259)
Rob Luyando - 800x2, 850x2
Bobby Fields - 750x1, 700x2

Superheavyweight (over 259)
Scot Mendelson - 850x2, 900x1&0
Tiny Meeker - 800x2&0, 950x0
Glenn Russo - 750x2, 850x1
Sebastian Burns - 750x0, 700x2
Gene Rychalk - 850x1
Paul Key - 800x1&0, 850x0

Wait a minute though......things didn't stop there.  Tiny and Scot came right back to a weight for reps challenge where Tiny took a slight lead and beat Scot.  It had to be the wildest and most exciting thing I have ever seen.  Then came the Set weight X most Repetitions or just simply the SXR division.  It was divided in two division and the results were as follows:

Heavyweight (259 and under)

500 Pound Bar
Jason Coker - 9 (4500)
Rob Luyando – 8 (4000)
Bobby Fields – 7 (3500)
Jessie Kellum – 6 (3000)
Frank Caminita - 4 (2000)

400 Pound Bar
Jason Coker – 16 (6400)
Jessie Kellum – 15 (6000)
Frank Caminita – 10 (4000)

Superheavyweight (over 259)

600 Pound Bar
Tiny Meeker – 11, 10, 7 (16,200)
Scot Mendelson – 11, 10, 6 (15,600)
Glenn Russo – 8 (4800)
Sebastan Burns – 6 (3600)
Paul Key – 3 (1800)

500 Pound Bar
Glenn Russo – 17 (8500)
Scot Mendelson – 13 (6500)
Tiny Meeker – 12 (6000)

Superlifting Pro Bench Prize Winners
Joson Coker - $3,000 (1st MX2, 1st SXR, 1st SXR)
Rob Luyando - $2,000 (1st MX2)
Scot Mendelson - $2,000 (1st MX2)
Tiny Meeker - $1,000 (2nd MX2, 1st SXR)
Glenn Russo - $750 (3rd MX2, 1st SXR)
Jessie Kellum - $500 (2nd MX2)
Bobby Fields - $500 (2nd MX2)
Sebastian Burns - $250 (4th MX2)

Prizes were awarded as follows:
MX2 - $2000 1st, $500 2nd, $250 3rd,, (3rd place HW no-show awarded to 4th place winner in SHW)
SXR - $500 1st each division and round.

Is this the direction the sport needs to go? my opinion this had to be the most exciting meet I have ever seen.  the crowds were tremendous and feed back from the meet promoters was great.  No matter what your interest was in going to the Europa you were bound to enjoy whatyou saw.  Look forward to seeing more great things our of Inzer Advance designs when they put on another powershow at the Olympia.

Anyway, thanks to meet director Kirk Stroud and Samm Stroud, Stroud’s Fitness and their Team for running a quality, quick and efficient operation. The referees ran tight judging. The platform manager and spotter loaders were fast and loaded perfectly. The famous announcer Chuck Lamantia was awesome. The legend Ken Lain showed once again why his legacy continues. He was extremely positive and supportive of the current champions. The Producers, Directors and film, camera, officials, scorecard, score table, logistics, sound, music, staging, promotion, security, and platform Crews were all professional and superb. The list is very long of great people who helped, and they all deserve congratulations because it was not easy to work a format that had never been done before.

Thanks to Ed and Betty Pariso’s Europa Super Show Sports Expo for providing a great venue!

Enjoy the videos of the meet provided by some of our readers:

Gene Rychalk - 850
Tiny Meeker - 900
Tiny Meeker - 800
Scott Mendelson - 900
Scott mendelson - 850
Anthony Schlegel 650 REAL RAW Contest
Joey Lucero 430 REAL RAW Contest
660 Deadlift - Europa ISSA
501 Squat - Europa ISSA
Top 5 Heavy Weight Men Europa IFBB Pro
Top 5 Light Weight Men  Europa IFBB Pro
Top 5 Heavy Weight Women Europa IFBB Pro
Tarek El Setouhi Europa Bodybuilding final routine
Fouad Abiad Europa Supershow Bodybuilding final routine
Muscle mayhem at the Europa 2008 4 minutes to save the world
2008 Europa Figure and Fitness

* Anyone else that has videos to contribute please let us know.



Powerlifting is back and better than ever in 2008 for Ed and Betty Pariso's huge Super Show Expo in Dallas. Meet directing legend Kirk Stroud has teamed up with new supporters to present the Super Pro Bench Press Championships, ISA World Championships and ISAA Amateur Powerlifting.

Full Powerlifting, Bench Press, Deadlift, Squat and Push Pull. This year's event will feature more ways to compete, more fun and more excitement than ever before. This year the competition will be all inclusive of every aspect of powerlifting integrated into the Powerlifting Super Show. Whether you're a beginner, amateur, soon-to-be pro or super pro bench presser, Dallas Texas is the place to be on August 15th and 16th !!!

Europa Super Show fans will be in full force to witness your lifting talents. After the lifting, venture over to the IFBB Pro Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure, World Grappling Tournament, Hot Body Model Search, Custom Car Shows, USA Strongman Nationals, Arm Wrestling and Professional Wrestling. Mingle with sports legends. Talk shop with oldtimers and newcomers of various sports. Meet celebrities. Learn the latest developments in the science of athletic performance. Get FREE product samples from hundreds of vendors and sponsors promoting their newest innovations.

Kirk Stroud's team has coordinated a plethora of exciting developments too long to describe in one newsletter. Check your email again soon for coming announcements!!! Reserve your spot now by printing and mailing your Entry Form.

HOTEL & TRANSPORTATION                                                                                                                                                                                                          
Book your room HERE at the Official hotel, Hyatt Regency Dallas
This is the ONLY hotel that will have FREE shuttle to and from the Europa Super Show.                              

See ya'll at the Dallas Convention Center, August 15th and 16th !!!



Ok, it's time to update you on all the meets that have taken place her in Texas over the past 5 months.  First in the APF, on March 31st in Houston the APF Texas State Powerlifting Championships; on May 12, 2007 again in Houston, the APF Summer Bash.  In Seguin, Texas on June 9, 2007 was the APF South Texas; on June 15, 2007, in Dallas, Texas the Firefighters Olympic Powerlifting Championshps were held; on June 13, 2007 in League City, Texas the Police Olympic Powerlifting Championships were held; on June 15, 2007 the APF Rio Bravo Powerlifting Championships took place; on July 28, 2007 in Beaumont, Texas, the APF Texas South East Powerlifting Championships were held; and on July 21, 2007 in Houston, Texas the Paul Barbee Powerlifting Championships were held.

Next in NASA, on May 26, 2007, in Hereford, Texas the NASA West Texas State was held; on July 7th, 2007 the NASA South Texas Open was held in Alvin, Texas; and on July 30th the NASA East Texas Open was held in Tyler, Texas.

Next we have the USAPL South Texas Qualifier held on March 12, 2007; the USAPL Texas A&M Invitational held at College Station, Texas on March 3, 2007;  and finally the USAPL Collegiate Nationals held in Killeen, Texas. 

All of the meet results can be viewed by clicking on the links.


Like girls high school lifting?  The best in the USA happens each March here in Texas.  Click on the link to see the results of the 2007 Texas High School Womens powerlifting Association Texas State Meet.  Also, the THSWPA has updated their Texas records, check those out while you are visiting their web site.  The Texas High School Powerlifting Association also has the results up for the boys State meet.  Amazing turnout and lifting. 


The NASA East Texas Open was held February 24 in Tyler Texas.  Meet results can be viewed by clicking on the link.  Also in are the results for the USAPL Texas A&M Invitational held on March 3, at College Station, Texas,  the USAPL South Texas Qualifier held March 12 and  the WABDL MetroFlex Push Pull Challenge was held on March 10 in Arlington, Texas. 
For the WABDL deadlift results please click on the link.  Congratulations to all the lifters!


The Gulf Coast States Powerlifting Championships were held in Houston, Texas Saturday, February 17,2007 at Sam Houston High School.  A huge thanks to judges Joe Dalton,  Mark Harris,  and Brian Kline, score keeper Tom McCullough and Maria McCullough, expeditor Fred McCullough, platform manager Josh Ash, rear spotter Steve Burtschell, loaders/spotters Ruben Galindo, MikeSalinas and Cesar Martinez.  Without the hard work of these individuals, the meet would not have taken place.
Thanks also to Tiny Meeker and Gene Wagonseller for the use of the equipment and Karen Siemsson and Ramey Benfield for all the hard work they did transporting and loading equipment.

A special thanks also to Inzer Advance Designs for supporting this sport and our meets for many years, Mike Lambert of Powerlifting USA who has been there supporting us all for a long time and a huge thanks to Houston ISD and Sam Houston High School for all of their support over the past 7 years.


The APF Space City Bench Press Extravaganza was held Saturday the 21st at Sam Houston High School .  The meet director Tom McCulough gives s huge thanks to head judge Joe Dalton,  side judges Mark Harris,  Maria McCullough and Matt Wray, score keeper Tom McCullough and Maria McCullough, expeditor Fred McCullough, platform manager Josh Ash, spotters and loaders Jose Marroquin, Dionisio Hurtado and Cesar Martinez.  Without the hard work of these individuals, the meet would not have taken place.

I want to also say thank you to Jeff Snyder for showing what great athletes we have in this sport.  At the end of the meet Jeff gave his best lifter trophy to 17 year old Juan Gonzalez.  Juan was so grateful to get the trophy he broke down in tears.  All the rest of the adults watching this great act of sportsmanship had the same reaction.  Truly the most touching act I have seen in this sport in 27 years of involvement.  Exactly why we all keep doing what we do for the sport.  Congratulations Jeff Snyder for having such a big heart.

Thanks also to all the lifters who attended this meet and all of the people who drove out to watch.  A special thanks also to Inzer Advance Designs for supporting this sport and our meets for many years, Mike Lambert of Powerlifting USA who has been there supporting us all for a long time and a huge thanks to Houston ISD and Sam Houston High School for all of their support over the past 7 years.

* If you have some Texas area news you would like to contribute please contact *
Tom McCullough MEd.

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