The USPF Texas Cup / YMCA  Nationals were held in Austin, Texas on November 19th and the results are finally posted.  While there were only 17 lifters there were quite a few big lift done.  Also posted were the results of the USPF Texas Special Olympics, which were held  December 10th.  We also ran down the results for the NASA Houston Open held July 30th in Alvin, Texas,  the NASA East Texas Regionals held September 17th, in Longview, Texas and the NASA West Texas Regionals held on December 3rd, in Hereford, Texas.  Congratulations to the lifters who competed at all of these meets!


Sorry about the delay but we can't get much cooperation with most federations posting their meet results online or sending them to us.  All this does is hurt the lifters.  Anyway,  the APA Sam Houston Open took place on Saturday, December 10, 2005.  New Caney High School assistant principal John Johnson started the day off in the mens' masters taking first place with his 660 total.  In the mens open 165, Johnny vasques took first place with his 1530 total.  In the masters 181, Chad DarbySam Houston Ope led the pack with a 1125 total and Dr. Glenn Routhouska closely followed with his total of 1090.   Dr. Routhouska also walked home with 7 Texas records in the squat and deadlift.  James "the priest"  Burdette took the drug free 198's with a 1660 total and just missed a 605 bench on his 2nd and 3rd attempts.  The Priest ended his day with Texas records in the bench and total.  In the 220's Shae Jones ended his day with a huge 1710 total over Matt Wray's 1255.  Matt is improving each time he lifts, so watch for a big total out of this young man soon.  Shae Jones also took home a Texas record with his successful 700 pound squat.  Lifting for the first time ever, William Franklin hit a 1560 total in the 220 submasters taking first place in his division.  Franklin also took him three Texas records in the squat, bench and total.  Don Moser, lifting in the master 40-44 division was having a great day until he took his 3rd attempt in the bench at 500.  On the way down with the weight there was Michael Fornecker - 525 Texas Recorda loud tearing sound and the weight fell about 1 inch off his chest.  After Don was carried off to the hospital he later found out his left upper arm and completely broken.  Don is recovering fine and will back on the platform soon. In the 242's there was a war between Chad Matthews and Larry Fenti.  Larry won the squat war with his 665 over Chad's 660.  In the bench press Chad came back to take the lead with his 570 bench over Larry's 460.  Once the bar hit the floor Chad confirmed his lead with a huge 700 pound deadlift.  Chad ended the day with a 1930 total and took the best lifter award and Larry ended his day winning the submasters with a 1860 total.  Lifting in the drug free 275's Randy Pike had a great day taking 1st place with his 1705 total.  Pike also earned 2 Texas records in the squat and deadlift.  Also lifting in the 275's, Michael Fornecker finished his day with a 1375 total.  In the junior 275's , Robert Sheets had a great day setting Texas records with his 525 and 1345 total.

In the squat only division Master lifter Chris Garcia placed 1st in his division and took home a Texas record with his 645 squat.  This was after he missed 645 on his 1st attempt and went backward dropping the weight on his 2nd attempt at 645.

In the bench press only division Brian Kline took 1st place and set a Texas record with his opening lift of 350.  In the 220 masters, Keith Barbier took first time lifter John Guiterrez with his lift of 330.  In the 242 open and submaster, Chester Maylone took 1st in both divisions with 1st attempt of 355.  Gene Wagenseller, lifting in the masters took 1st place with his Texas record lift of 450.   In the 275's eric Wright opened up with a huge 645 and missed 665 on his next two attempts.

In the 181 deadlift only division, 12 year old Jessie Burttschell took 275 for a 4th attempt and got it taking home a new Texas, American and WPA World record. 

In the womens division, Dawn Morrison place 1st in the 132's with her 700 pound total.  Dawn is also a new Texas record holder with her 170 pound bench press.  In the bench press only division 181'er Michelle Oeltjen took 1st with her Texas record bench of 185 pounds.  In the deadlift only division, Renee Belair took 1st in the junior 165's with her Texas record of 310.


It was a hot day for benching at the 2005 APA Space City Bench Press Extravaganza held at the Health Clubs of America in Houston, Texas.  ABCââ¬â¢s Channel 13 ofMeet Site Houston showed to up to film the entire meet giving our athletes and meet lots of local coverage.

In the menââ¬â¢s 146 masters Jack Beasly missed his opener of 285to come back and nail 290.

Jessie BurttschellIn the 165ââ¬â¢s, 12 year old Jessie Burttschell opened his day with an easy 165.  He came right back to hit 180 and 190 both for teen world records.  Jessie took a 4th at 200 but just didnââ¬â¢t have the gas lift to do it.  In the junior division, John Calvilla got an easy opener of 315 and came back to hit 355 on his 2nd attempt for a Texas record.  Master lifter Lee Lichtle from Florida, got his opener of 225, but missed both his 2nd and 3rd attempts.

In the 181 teens, Blaise Abendroth, lifting for the first time ever, got his 2nd attempt of 185.  Abendroth just missed his 3rd attempt of 200. 

Lifting in the 198 novice division and submasters, Erik Anderson had a bad day missing all of his attempts.  Erik opened up a little heavy for his first meet but will be back soon.

Luis Zabala, also lifting in his first meet, nailed his opener of 445 only to come back and miss 470 and 480 on his 2nd and 3rd attempts in the 220 novice division.  In the submaster division, Raul Perez had a rough day just missing all three of his attempts.  Master lifter Keith Barbier, got his opener of 330 but just missed 355 and 360 on his 2nd and 3rd attempts.  Also lifting in the master division, 52 year old Steve Rosengurg nailed his 1st attempt of 275 but missed his next two attempts of 300.Erik Wright

Michael Parker, lifting in the 242 novice division had a great 1st meet nailing all three of his attempts of 405, 445 and 455.  Look for this lifter to come back and set some big  records soon.  In the open division, Eric Wright got his 1st attempt easily putting 630 in the books.  Wright came back with 650 and 660 but just didnââ¬â¢t have it.  Eric walked away from the meet with the title of best lifter.  Chad Matthews, also in the open division, had a rough day missing 575 all three attempts.

Lifting in the 275 novice division, Jason Phelps started off a little heavy and just missed all three of his attempts going 545.  In the submaster division, Raymond Plunkett had an easy win with his opening attempt of 500.  Plunkett came back with 550 on his next two attempts but just missed them both.  In the master division, 49 year old Raymond Young had a great day taking home 2 Texas records by going 385 and 405 on his 1st two Steve Burttschellattempts.  Young just missed 425 on his last attempt.  Taking 2nd place in the master division, Randy Abendroth got his 2nd and 3rd attempts of 345 and 365.

In the 308 submaster, Steve Burttschell nailed 555 on his 1st attempt for a Texas record only to come back and miss 585 twice.  In the open division, Tiny Meeker took 905 for 3 attempts just missing all 3 of them by an inch from lock out.  Meeker will no doubt hit 905 in the next few weeks.
Tiny Meeker - 905

Thanks very much to Pete Lattanzi, Blake Sterling and Brian Nugier for the great work they did spotting and loading for the meet.  Also a big thanks to Josh Ash, Brian Kline, and Brian Propst for the excellent job officiating the event.  Thanks also to Maria McCullough for her hard work as score keeper, expediter, and photographer.  I also would like to thank Charlie Turco and his wife for setting up a House of Pain booth and the great photos.  A special thanks also to John Inzer of Inzer Advance Designs for your continued help and support, as well as Mike Lambert of Powerlifting USA.  Last but not least I would like to thank The Health Clubs of America for your support of this sport and for providing us with the space to hold these meets.  Without all of the above, meets like this would not happen.



Got some meet results here!  The NASA West Texas Championships, held in  Amarillo, Texas on May 21st  and the  NASA East Texas State, held in Longview, Texas on May 28th are both available by clicking on the links.  Congratulations to all the lifters who competed both days.

The Tiny Meeker Bench Press Seminar went off well at the Health Clubs of America on 14900 Westheimer Saturday.  Tiny kept the audience's attention for several hours giving them much more than they expected for $35.  During this time Meeker covered correct techniques for benching, training with bands, setting up a training program and how to properly choose and put on equipment.  Fox 26 Sports was also there covering this event.  After the seminar was over, Tiny gave all of those who attended a chance to watch him train for his next meet.  During this training, Tiny attempted  an 850 and 875 bench!


Anthony Clark

ANTHONY CLARK, 38, of Friendswood, Tx. Passed away Sunday, May 22, 2005. He is survived by sister and brother-in-law, Tonya and Michael Garrett, brother and sister-in-law Larry and Melissa Clark: brother and sister-in-law Jonathan and Cheryl Clark, nieces Tatiana and Mykayla Clark, Adopted brother and sister, Shannon and Susan McDougald. Anthony was beloved son, brother, uncle and friends to many. He will greatly be missed by one and all. Visitation will be held from 5 until 7pm on Wednesday May 25, 2005 at Forest Park East Funeral Home. Funeral services will be held at 12:30pm on Thursday May 26, 2005 at Gulf Meadows Church 8012 Fuqua, Houston Tx. Interment will follow at Forest Park East Cemetery.
Published in the Houston Chronicle on 5/25/2005.


Another successful start to the hot, Houston summer with the APA Summer Bash.  The meet took place in Katy, Texas at the Katy Family Fitness Center on Saturday, May 7th.  We are very grateful to the Katy Family Fitness Center for sponsoring this meet and giving us a great venue for powerlifting meets.

The meet started off with 12 year old Jessie Burttschell who lifted in the 165's.  Jessie had an outstanding day going 265, 165,  and 255 for a total of 670.  All of his lifts were World records.  Also lifting in the teen division, 17 year old Rudy Guzman (181), ended his day with 405, 185 and 430 for a total of 1020.  Master lifter Rick Jolly took home 1st in his division and a Texas record with his 480 squat for a total of 1295.  In the 198's, Wayne Hinds came out on top with a Submaster Chad Matthews 650 squatTexas record squat of 575 and a Submaster Texas record total of 1580.  Close behind was James Evans with a huge 650 squat and a 1560 total.  Look for James to break 700 soon.  In the 220's, Donny Adams took the lead with his 1290 total.  Teen lifter Seth Mize (14), started off with a Teen World record squat of 385 and a Teen Texas record bench press of 170, but injured his back in the deadlift and was unable to finish the meet.  Lots of competition in the 242's.  Chad Matthews lifting in the open division took the top going 645, 550, and 650 for a total of 1845.  This was just enough to also give Chad Best Lifter of the day.  James Dunn went a big 680 on his 3rd attempt in the squat and ended the day with a 1655 total. Twenty year old John Suggs had a fine day taking a Texas Junior record with his 600 squat and yet another Texas Junior record with his 4th attempt in the bench at 410.  John ended his day with another Texas Junior record with his 1505 total.  Brian Propst had a good day going 500, 435, and 515, for a 1460 total.  In the 275's, Brian Nugier took the lead with a 565 squat, 455 bench, a 475 deadlift and a 1495 total.  Coach Randy Abendath took home a Texas Masters record with a 500 squat and a 360 bench on a 4th  attempt giving him yet another Texas Masters record total of 1345.  Teen lifter Mitch Juenke (16) also set a Texas Teen record with his 400 squat and 215 bench.  Mitch had to leave the meet and was unable to finish.  Master 308 Steve Burttschell missed 660 two times and ended with a 635 squat.  Steve nailed 550 in the bench on a 4th attempt for a Texas Masters record.  He ended his day with a 585 deadlift and a Texas Masters record total of 1770.

In the women's full power masters lifter Cindy Suggs, lifting for the first time ever took home a 1st place win in the 123's and all Texas Maters records by going 180, 80, 200, and a total of 460.Jason McCullough - Jason Phelps

In the bench press only division, 9 year old Zachary Geiser, in his first meet ever took home a win with a 50 pound bench press.  Zachary was not only 9 years old, but he only weighed 60 pounds.  Submaster, 148, John Geiser took home a win with his 235 bench on his 3rd attempt.   Lifting in the 198's Justin Sappington just missed 420 on all three attempts.  Submaster lifter Wayne Hinds got a win with his 2nd attempt of 430.  Also in the 198's master lifter Brian Kline was almost there with 3 attempts of 440.  In the 220's Jason McCullough took home the win with his opener of 405 and also giving him Best Bencher of the day.  Master lifter Don Moser missed all three of his attempts of 450.  In the 242's, Eric Wright opened up with a huge 625 and his shirt blew.  Putting on a new shirt, he went 640 and 660 but could not get either to touch the chest.  In the 275's, teen lifter Elija Owens took home a win with his 3rd attempt of 385.

In the deadlift only division, Rudy Guzman took home a win with his 2nd attempt of 430.  Rudy just missed locking out 450.


Congratulations to Texas lifters Wade Hooper, Tony Cardella and Tiny Meeker.  Wade and Tony competed in the USAPL Nationals this past weekend.  Wade set IPF World Records in the men's 165's with his 748 squat, 
508 bench press and 1867 total.   Tony got 1st place in the men's 275's with a 826 squat, 611 bench, 766 deadlift, and 2204 total.  Tiny Meeker hit a huge 847 bench at a WABDL meet and just missed 909 and 950.  Tiny Meeker was also featured in the Houton Chronicle and a huge interview on Houston's alternative rock radio station 94.5 The Buzz.  Look for Tiny's Bench Press Seminar on June 4th, at The Health Clubs Of  America, 14900 Westheimer, at 2pm.  The cost of this seminar is $35.


Thanks once again to Kelly Blair of 1 On 1 Elite Personal Fitness of Pasadena, Texas for hosting the APA Texas State Powerlifting Championships.  Despite the rain and cold, spectators came out in droves to watch lifters from all over the great State of Texas compete on the platform.

In the men's 165's, 11 year old Jessie Burttschell set 8 world records and ending his day with an all time best total of 630 pounds.  In the Junior's, Christopher Golden ended up with a 1220 pound total.  Lots of competition in the 198's.  Ending up with the biggest total, submaster Wayne Hinds came out with a 1565 total Gary Alfordfor a new Texas record.  Master lifter Roger Lee ended his day with 4 Texas records and a total of 1255, while master lifter Glenn Routhouska finished with a 1100 pound total.  In the 220's, 15 year old Seth Mize cleaned house with 2 American records and 2 World records and a new PR total of 860.  Also in the 220's, first time lifter Josh Ferguson came out on the top with a big 1720 pound total for a new Texas record and Best Lifter.  Elija Adams also had a fine day with his 1205 pound total.   In the 242's, first time lifter Gary Alford came up on top with his 1460 total, and teen lifter Lance Fitzgerald ended up with a 1285 total.  Also lifting for the first time ever, in the 275's, Jason Ferguson ended his day with a 500 pound bench press for a new Texas record and a big 1750 total.

In the bench press only division, lifting in the men's 198's, submaster Wayne Hinds pushed up a big 430 bench press while just missing 450 giving Wayne Best Bencher of the day.  In the 220's, submaster Raul Perez came out on top with a big 415, while Ryan Cidzik nailed 405 on his 2nd attempt and passed on his 3rd. Jason Ferguson Also in the 220's, submaster Raymond Jansky ended his day with a 375 bench.  In the 242's there were some huge attempts but unfortunately no success.  Erik Wright opened with a huge 615 just missing it and then giving 640 for a ride when his bench shirt blew out.  Erik passed on his 3rd attempt.  Chad Matthews opened with 540 just missing it and then gave 550 for an unsuccessful ride on his 2nd and 3rd attempts.  Coming out on the top of the pack, Michael Dorm nailed 450 on his 2nd attempt, giving him 1st place in the 242's.  Lifting in the 275's, submaster lifter Chester Maylone ended his day with a 355 bench press.  In the 308's, master lifter Steve Burttschell gave 520 a ride for three unsuccessful attempts.  Back on the platform after many years, SHW submaster lifter Blake Sterling opened with a huge 675, just missing it.  He came back with the same weight on his 2nd and 3rd attempts just missing it each time.

McCullough, McCullough, CidzikThanks to all the lifters who came out to compete our platform and all the great people who came to support them.  A special thanks to our Judges Steve Burttschell, Ryan Cidzik, Maria McCullough, head judge Shannon McDougal, and our spotters/loaders Brian Propst, Brian Nugier, and James Evans.  Thanks also to the Burttschell family and the McDougal family for their help cleaning up after the meet.   A special thanks also to Mike Lambert of PLUSA and John Inzer of Inzer Advance Designs for all of your continued support. 

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Tom McCullough MEd.

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